About Us

AuStar Labs is a new site, however we’ve been in the game for years and the team behind it is committed to delivering quality products with a speedy turn around time.

We were a little apprehensive about launching a site as it obviously exposes our organization to law enforcement, however after careful planning and set up we’ve established a secure platform to make it safe for customers and the Austar Labs team.

Before our site went public, we’ve been providing products to customers via Wickr and other social apps as well as providing to our local gyms.

After viewing forums like steroidswiki and eroids we can see the Aussie domestic suppliers seem to come and go often. We’ll do our best to stick around for the long haul and try to bring the trust back into the community about purchasing from online aussie suppliers.

Any questions or concerns please contact us, we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.